Recycled flowers & The Stack of Pancakes


What happens when you are cooking up a giant stack of pancakes, with photos heavy on your mind, when all of a sudden there is a knock on the door? Who would knock on the door in such a pivotal moment? My friend and I were staring pensively into the sizzling batter. The surprise visitor was my good friend Elsa, with Heirlooms Designs. As a Wedding Photographer with The Fernweh Photographers, we work together on some really fantastic projects. If Elsa is Styling the Wedding that we are shooting, the style will be impeccable and ultra photographable. I could hear the batter spitting out of the pan as Elsa handed me a bouquet of flowers. From a Wedding the previous day, Elsa received a recycled bouquet from Colleen, Florist with Lilia Floral Design, a ‘job well done’ token. She asked if I would put them to good use.  Indeed, I stepped up to the plate. Literally.

Elsa with Heirlooms 

Recycled Flowers.. what a cool concept. I figured, since these blooms were shared with me, I should shine light on how this whole thing typically works. After a Wedding, Colleen, works to recycle flowers that would otherwise go un-enjoyed. Working directly with La Plata Senior Center and the Meals on Wheels program, she repurposes the flowers so that they can go to seniors that are home bound. How fabulous is that?


If you are having an event or Wedding and you would like to donate your flowers to a non profit program, please contact Colleen at Lilia Floral Design.   Also, if you have the opportunity to adorn your Sunday pancakes, I recommend that you do so.


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